Everything You Need To Know About PSD To Magento Conversion

Noticed already in the modern era gradually people are shifting to online shopping instead of visiting offline stores. Advanced technologies come in the regular interval,  businesses are focused on generating more profit while satisfying consumers' needs. People prefer electronic devices to shop online such as mobile, and tablets. laptops and make them connected globally. So it is the right time to make an online store with an offline store. There are lots of platforms available to make an online store. such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Drupal, etc.

Magento is the best platform if your intention is to convert your PSD design into an online eCommerce store. The most effective and demanding method for making an ideal e-commerce website. Magento is the platform that eCommerce store owners around the world prefer to use when developing e-commerce stores.

Why need to convert PSD to Magento?

If you are already aware of an eCommerce store you already know about something Magento. You can analyze Magento as the leading e-commerce platform among existing eCommerce platforms. Magento is running with users' and eCommerce store owners' needs and follows market trends. 

It plays an important role in creating an online store with the following market trends that not only meet the needs of customers but also produce more revenue. Transformational leadership is based and adaptable features that are offered by Magento will definitely play a big part in increasing the market worth of your store's brand. It supports every browser, offers non-decoded security, and has a user-friendly interface. in short

  • Eye-catching Web Design
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • SEO Ready
  • Fastest loading speed among the eCommerce platform.
  • Easy-to-understand code
  • Mobile-ready web design 
  • The easy and secure checkout process
  • Ultimate customization option.

Its time to know our next step 

Think and analyze your eCommerce store first

In the initial stage, you have to think about everything about the e-commerce store design, look, functions logo, features, and the most important marketing strategies to promote your Magento eCommerce store.

It's time to prepare The PSD files accurately

You can select Adobe Photoshop image editing or others to prepare PSD files properly. Try to create clean PSD designs and create them catchier, choose accurate color, font size and style, and Logo. it is the first step in the process.

Breaking the PSD files into Different layers

Now in the second step break PSD images into different layers. it is the most critical part of the process. need to be aware to eliminate mistakes. Static PSD images are broken into different layers to make coding smooth and secure quality and with no loss conversion. Further, save the elements as PSD files.

Time to convert PSD to HTML and CSS

A further step in the process from PSD to HTML and CSS Formats. PSD images are used to code into HTML for decoration CSS Format will use, so it is important to save them as index.html and style.css. CSS is used to make the design more eye-catching.

Further, integrate HTML and CSS Formats into Magento

After ending PSD files into HTML and CSS, you have to integrate them into Magento. in this necessary step, you have to make folders, directories, and sub-directories. It will ensure the themes will be responsive to all web browsers and devices.

Integrate all the data into Magento

Before testing online and after integrating HTML and CSS into Magento, now time to add all the necessary data to the e-commerce store. Here includes all the data such as products,f descriptions, prices, photos, and all categories.

In the final time to test the online eCommerce store. 

at the end but actually not the end, after completing all the steps, it's a step to test your eCommerce store. to check if it's working properly or not.

Benifits of PSD to Magento Conversion

Easiest Checkout

Magento provides a single-page checkout feature without any need to create an account. It provides the securest payments option as an added benefit, for customers security is the most important of their lives.

Order Management

Ecommerce Store owners may use this tool to create shipments, invoices, credit notes, and more. They can also develop custom order forms and examine and update them

SingleAdmin Panel

From a single admin panel, you can manage entire eCommerce websites pages in one place without  visiting many pages and can save valuable time

Catalog Operations

From this feature, you can manage Google integration batch import and import and export of products in one place with advanced catalog management.


Customers are always impressed with the look and design of an e-commerce store and you can easily rank on google with an easy interface with quality content. Ans it looks not an easy task until you choose Magento from PSD conversion.

If you are looking for PSD to Magento conversion that can give you desired result with excellent service then you can get in touch with us.