Magento SEO Guide

To be successful with an effective online store, you need a modern shop system. Magento is ideal at this point and makes it possible to increase your growth quickly and effectively. But how exactly does Magento SEO work and how do you best showcase your new store? 

With this article, we are happy to support you at any time in making the right decisions and improving your search engine optimization concerning Magento.

This is the role Magento plays in web design

Even if Magento only accounts for 2% of all content management systems used, the application is a popular choice for eCommerce store operators. This is mainly due to the easy and efficient operation, which has made Magento so popular as a platform for the new shop. On the other hand, when it comes to e-commerce, It comes in as the second most popular choice at 13%. Only Shopify has fared better so far.

Therefore, it is worthwhile for operators to improve their own Magento SEO and use one of the best applications for new shops. This is achieved through both good content and apt designs that develop into an effective connection. At this point, Magento offers many options for new designs and templates, with which an individual and unique store can be designed. Magento SEO is crucial for optimal results.

This most important basics of the Magento store

If you decide to implement with Magento, you can start almost immediately after installation. The platform is very visually designed, which means that the new content can usually be recognized immediately after selection.

This makes it easy to constantly improve the shop and expand usability. An advantage for your Magento SEO Services is that many optimizations can be implemented parallel to the design, which means that your shop meets all the requirements.

It is also good to know that new extensions and tools can be linked to the site at any time. These are effective plugins that can have a positive effect on your Magento SEO, for example. In this way, the practical implementation of the store becomes a good choice to benefit from many helpful functions and use them for a clear and smooth application. The basics of search engine optimization for Magento can therefore be quickly understood and implemented step by step using your example.

Important approaches for your Magento SEO optimization

Over time, Magento SEO websites have become an effective and well-ranked choice. This is mainly due to the many customization options that can be used to quickly bring the content up to date. In this way, It offers many appealing possibilities and opportunities to perform better in the SERPs in the future and to attract more customers through your rankings:

Correct metadata

An important step for search engine optimization can already be implemented with a meaningful title that contains the keyword. The same applies to the meta description, which can be used to summarize the content appealingly. From your point of view, both data are crucial and make it possible to bring more users from the search to your site.

Optimization of the headings

Headings are an important component for your Magento SEO to provide a unique and clear division for your site. The keyword should therefore always appear in the H1 heading to emphasize the topic again. The H2 and H3 headings are also crucial for understanding the content and should therefore be optimized.

Technically strong orientation

The faster the page loads, the happier the customers are with your site. Loading times that are too long are often the result of incorrect or missing optimization of your images. For this reason, make sure that the technical basics for your Magento SEO are met and that your users always have a good feeling.

Convincing content

High-quality content is the most important element for convincing your products in e-commerce. This includes, for example, modern and well-optimized product and category texts that point out the most important properties. Blog posts and guides can also practically highlight your search engine optimization and noticeably increase the quality.   

Image and video optimization

Videos are a good way to supplement the text and provide interactive content. This also applies to attractive images, but in large quantities, they quickly become a burden on the memory and page speed of your site. For your Magento SEO improvement, you should therefore ensure comprehensive image and video optimization and increase comfort.

Search engine-friendly URLs

A search engine-friendly URL shows the user's path exactly. It clarifies to which category the product leads and to which product the page refers. From your point of view, this makes it much easier to make the customer feel good and increase the CTR. For your Magento SEO, make sure to deselect the option "Add StoreCode to URLs".

FAQs as a content component for maximum added value

Your site's settings don't always provide the most important answers to your users' questions. Therefore, FAQs at the bottom of the page are a good way to increase the added value from the visitor's point of view. Even with a glance through the page, the additional information quickly catches the eye and provides comprehensive information.

Under certain circumstances, the FAQs also help to increase the visit time of the users, which has a positive effect on your Magento SEO. The additional content, therefore, enables a comprehensive increase in the added value on your site, which allows you to emphasize the many contents of your Magento shop.

As structured data, FAQs can also lead to higher visibility in search results:

Other important settings in Magento

As an eCommerce platform, It offers you your change windows for the specified settings and many other adjustments. This applies, for example, to important metadata such as the title and the description. The URL key and the associated keywords can also be adjusted directly in the settings window and transferred comprehensively.

Another important setting for your Magento SEO is the robots setting. During development, pages are set to noindex and nofollow in most cases. After the launch of the new website, it often happens that changing such settings is simply forgotten.

You can easily do this under System - Configuration - General - HTML Head - Standard Robots. In addition to this adjustment, you should also take the following measures around your Magento SEO to create a smooth user experience:

Optimization for a good user experience

  • Deletion of old sample texts on sitemap.xml
  • Specification of multiple texts for multilingual pages
  • Disable default layered navigation
  • Turn on Canoncials URLs to protect against duplicate content
  • Verification that the metadata is not truncated.

Such details are crucial for your Magento search engine optimization to protect you from problems related to your ranking. For both your content and URL, it's important to set the appropriate settings and optimize the page for new customer views. From your point of view, this makes it much easier to increase visibility.

Individual templates and designs for the site

For your Magento SEO to be successful, however, it is not just about the aspects within the optimization. The design also plays a decisive role here and should therefore be comprehensively improved. Individual designs and newly created templates are therefore crucial requirements to create recognition value with your Magento e-commerce store. Thanks to the numerous possibilities for individual design, this should not be a problem.

Your goal should therefore be to take your UX design to a new level and create a pattern that your customers will like. The keyword corporate identity is also relevant for your Magento SEO to create a uniform overall package and make a serious impression. The design is crucial even before you look at your content and creates the first impression. Therefore, you should choose the right designs and solutions right from the start to give your visitors a good feeling and to promote possible sales.

Redirects to new pages

If you have previously worked with a different domain, a 301 redirecting to the new shop on Magento is a good idea. With this, you can redirect the visitors of the old page to the new page without any additional effort and ensure a coherent overall concept. If your Magento SEO redirect is only a short-term or temporary solution, the 302 redirect is the right choice. On request, we can set up such a forwarding for you as a Magento SEO agency cost-effectively and effectively. You are also welcome to let us accompany you competently in all further steps of your optimization tasks.

You should avoid these mistakes for your Magento SEO

After we have already been able to show you many practical functions and applications, we will now take a look at the avoidable mistakes for your Magento SEO. At this point, there are many aspects that you can avoid in advance. The following mistakes in search engine optimization occur with many users and can be avoided with a well-thought-out and structured approach:

Incorrect URL optimization

Many operators leave the URL as generated by the system. However, this can be devastating for your Magento SEO. For this reason, ensure that the relevance is identified as early as possible and position the keyword or keywords clearly in the URL.

Accessibility with and without www.

Many Magento stores can be found both at www. And without www. available on the internet. However, this means the search engine that two versions of your page are online. This causes duplicate content for your Magento SEO, which should always be avoided.

Truncated metadata

More than 40% of all meta descriptions are truncated. This is according to a study conducted by Ahrefs. Although this is not directly noticeable in your Magento SEO result, it can certainly prevent users from clicking on the page.

Mismatched H1 heading

In some cases on Magento, the Magento logo on your site is automatically provided with the H1. This can lead to errors in the assignment of your page. So make sure your H1 is in the right place.

Choosing too many plugins

Even if plugins and extensions lead to more comfort on your site at first glance, they cause noticeable problems. About your Magento SEO, they ensure a constant slowdown of your site and ultimately lead to many dissatisfied users.

Social media is an important success factor

To generate more and more visitors and connect them to your shop, active links in social media are a good idea. This has a positive effect on your Magento SEO and makes it possible to bring users from a wide variety of channels to your site. In this respect, you have it in your hands to generate new customers in addition to your site and to draw attention to your offers. Instagram, Xing, and Facebook deserve special mention here.

Another very interesting option is placing new advertisements on social media. With these, you have it in your hands to link directly to your site and convince customers of your products. From your point of view, this makes it much easier to generate traffic and generate leads in social media. This is how the investments in your marketing, with which you can increase the comfort of your users, are worthwhile.

The right Magento SEO plugins

There are many plugins and extensions for checking your Magento SEO successes and for improving important information. We will now briefly present the four most well-known options, which will allow you to choose the right solution for your shop:

SEO Suite Ultimate

The SEO Suite Ultimate application promises to automatically and professionally implement many tasks related to the optimization of your site. This includes, for example, the URL design, but also the definition of reports, tags, and metadata for your shop.

Advanced SEO Suite

The Advanced SEO Suite is suitable for defining new product groups and categories. This ensures a uniform and precise categorization with which the desired settings can be made. This makes the suite a good choice for your search engine optimization.

Create SEO

With the Create SEO program, it is possible to check new content based on all important SEO criteria. The same applies to recognizing and avoiding duplicate content, for which the tools are also ideally suited. In this way, the desired SEO settings can be made easily.

Layered Navigation SEO

Layered Navigation SEO is a popular tool for creating rich snippets and improving navigation. With this, you can keep an eye on your Magento SEO and ensure that the users on your site are made aware of the products they are looking for much faster.

The OSG Performance Suite for holistic testing

In addition to the tools shown, our in-house OSG Performance Suite also offers a compact and clear solution. This can be used to research new keywords, integrate suitable texts, and determine the associated rankings. In this way, you can assess your Magento SEO in advance what successes will look like in the future and which aspects can be successful in the future. Take a look at our OSG Performance Suite for your Magento shop and convince yourself of the many free functions and practical applications.

Interaction and added value on the site

Both the content and the associated designs aim to let the user interact with the shop. This is also achieved through additional graphics with brief explanations and the selection of the appropriate size. Additional calculators can also have a positive effect on user behavior and thus also on your Magento SEO. They create additional added value and give users a good feeling about the application.

Of course, there shouldn’t be a lack of added value around the optimized store. You not only generate this on-site but also through additional marketing campaigns with newsletters and other means. This is a great way to advertise discounts and limited-time offers that attract new users. Creativity drives you forward in all aspects of your Magento SEO and ensures that nothing stands in the way of good solutions.

Your professional Magento SEO agency

As a Magento SEO agency, we have made it our mission to provide you with comprehensive support for all SEO measures and applications. We are the right partner for both the creation of your shop and the improvement of your ranking, and we ensure a convincing effect. As a Magento SEO agency, this makes us a competent and well-thought-out partner with whom you can improve your store. After many years of experience, we know which SEO factors are crucial for your success and what brings you forward.

Our conclusion

Your search engine optimization for the Magento store system is an effective measure for better placements and excellent rankings. This is also illustrated by the market share of 12% in ​​e-commerce, as many operators like to use practical functions and applications. This makes it much easier to increase the quality of the new shop and create added value.

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For whom is Magento SEO optimization suitable?

If you have a modern store, improvements in the SEO area are worthwhile. With these, you secure a better position and ensure that nothing stands in the way of a compact and effective implementation. This leads you to new customers.

Which aspects influence search engine optimization for Magento the most?

Both the content and the links are important approaches to your optimization. This makes it much easier to make important adjustments and improve the quality of your Magento SEO. However, the other aspects should not be ignored either.

Is Magento SEO only relevant for online stores?

In principle, you can also use Magento for classic websites. However, thanks to the numerous Magento SEO functions for online stores, the platform has increasingly specialized in the area of ​​e-commerce. But it is also well-suited for smaller web projects.

Are Magento Search Engine Optimization Plugins Required?

You do not need any plugins to run your shop securely and compactly. On the other hand, if you want to improve your Magento SEO, many extensions are quite helpful. These enable you to have your content evaluated in a targeted and reliable manner to increase the quality.