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Magento 2 Speed Optimization

Magento 2 Speed Optimization

The loading speed of an online store has a major impact on customer experience and search engine ranking. The Google PageSpeed Optimizer for Magento 2 can significantly improve the Magento page load speed and store performance. Generally, the PageSpeed score is 90 out of 100.

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Magento 2 Speed Optimization Services with Amazing Benefits

Reducing the load time of our adobe commerce store can be feasible with Magento speed optimization services implemented by an expert team. It will accelerate the whole performance optimization process. Our speed optimizers know well the value of fast loading, so you will not lose sales due to delay. Our certified Magento developers understand well what factors increase the loading speed and what reduces it.

Magento 2 Performance Optimization Services

Magento 2 speed optimization is an advanced technology that must be applied in every eCommerce store. If you are a store owner and want to keep your store's traffic high, we are here to offer reliable Services.

Our technicians will deliver their best service to improve Magento 2 performance at a high rate. We ensure that our outstanding performance will keep the UI/UX feature developed. The experts deliver advanced services in the following areas-

  • In-depth technical audit and extended plan.
  • Fast development and implementation.
  • 2-month warranty and post-release support.

What makes your Magento store slow?

Every eCommerce store owner wants a speedy website. Customers also do not prefer slow web stores. If your website is slow to load, it can negatively impact your website and the customers. As per research, almost 53% of customers leave surfing a website if it takes more than 2 seconds to load.

A slow-to-load website will enhance the bounce rate, and obviously, customers will not continue and trust this site. Almost 5.6 billion users surf websites daily, and hence the website's loading time is one of the most influential ranking factors. Here you need to hire professionals to speed up Magento 2. The possible reasons why your Magento store is slow are-

  • In-depth technical audit and extended plan.
  • The Hosting server is too far.
  • The hardware is too slow.
  • Third-party extensions are developed by the Magento team.
  • Disabled Full-page cache.
  • Bigger data files.
  • JavaScript bunding is enabled.

Disadvantages of Slow Speed

You have developed an e-commerce portal to get more customers. But if you notice that your web store is loading slowly, you will face the following disadvantages and need to hire professionals for Magento 2 performance optimization.

  • A slow web page will result in a high bounce rate.
  • You will face low ROI or Return on Investment.
  • Poor customer or user experience.
  • Lower the search engine ranking.
  • Less engagement.
  • Almost no dwell time.
  • Fewer visitors.

Speed for Users' Experience, for Google Ranking

A web store with a fast loading speed will always attract more traffic and will leave your customers satisfied. Advanced Magento 2-page speed optimization services will make your website faster and offer many benefits.

  • A high-speed website will help you to get a better user experience.
  • It will enhance better conversion rate.
  • Faster speed can improve Google's ranking.
  • A high-speed website will generate a good impression on the customers.
  • It will enhance traffic growth.
  • It will boost the ROI.
  • It will accelerate the whole performance.

Magento Conversion Optimization

Many vendors are providing Magento development services, but here we ensure that our technicians possess the best Magento site speed optimization understanding. Our team is based on skilled developers who are constantly updated with the advanced technology of Magento 2. Our Magento conversion process will enhance the retail revenue of your business. Not only but also our e-commerce team works hard to increase the speed of the websites so that they can attract more customers. The areas where we focus

Homepage optimization:

The homepage is the first page where your visitors get attracted or land. Hence, homepage optimization is a process where your website will get more traffic. Our professionals will add images, menus, and other essential features to make the website more attractive and speedy.

Navigation optimization:

Our technicians offer advanced Magento 2 optimization techniques to enhance the website's performance. Adding necessary menus will make it easy for the customers to find their required products.

Homepage optimization:

The homepage is the first page where your visitors get attracted or land. Hence, homepage optimization is a process where your website will get more traffic. Our professionals will add images, menus, and other essential features to make the website more attractive and speedy.

Search optimization:

Advanced and proper search optimization is the best way to accelerate the website's performance and enhance the conversion rate. Once customers can find their required website easily on the search engine, they will surf the website more than others.

Optimization of Product Page:

Maintaining a useful product page is essential to help customers to find their products easily. Our expert team maintains the necessary product page with all details so that customers can easily search for their desired product and buy it. It will enhance the ROI of your business.

Optimization of Checkout Page:

The checkout page is necessary when customers will buy their products after adding them to the cart. Our expert team will deliver the high-end to improve Magento site performance for an easy and hassle online payment process.

The process we follow to Speed up Magento

We ensure to provide a top-ranked Magento 2 website speed optimization process to enhance the performance of your e-commerce portal. An advanced technique that we follow

  • Minify JS, CSS, and HTML to grade up the standard of your website.
  • Database optimization and improved server performance.
  • Fix every issue relating to CSS and JS.
  • CDN Configuration.
  • Landing page configuration.
  • Minimize main-thread work.

Need for Speed from MagentoBrain

Our Magento 2 mobile speed optimization services come with the following benefits.

  • More traffic to your website.
  • Enhanced Google Ranking.
  • Expert analysis.
  • Skilled web developers.
  • Multi-device.
  • 24*7 hours support.


  • Will I Face downtime while you boost up my store?

    No, because we initially work in the background. We create a preview mode that only works on a separate URL and the live site works as before. After the work is done we share that URL with you so you can also check at your end.

  • Will my mobile Speed be also boosted?

    Of course, your web pages will load faster on mobile devices. We know Google web pages that load faster on mobile devices so we also take care of that.

  • Can I trust you for site security?

    You definitely can trust us not because we’re saying but because we have a considerable amount of knowledge in Magento Speed Optimization for Magento 1 and Magento 2. We’ve been trusted by the sites that have thousands of visitors a day.

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