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MagentoBrain provides cutting-edge Magento 2 Extensions so that you and your clients may make use of the latest features available! We're all set with Magento 2 modules that are top-notch in terms of functionality and compatibility. Because we believe in customer satisfaction and excellence, our developers follow Magento coding standards and strive to give the best Magento plugins and services.

Our plugins are compatible with both the Magento 2 Community and Magento 2 Enterprise editions.

Check out our Magento 2 plugins, which have been thoroughly tried and tested by professionals and can help you solve key issues with your Magento 2 stores!

  1. Featured Product for Magento2
    Featured Product for Magento2

    Add widgets to display featured products block on any page. Display top or highest rated featured products on homepage is a great way to Increase your sales. Admin can display block on the home page, category pages, product pages, CMS pages, etc. using the widget


  2. Google Translator for Magento2
    Google Translator for Magento2

    Google Translator extension by MagentoBrain, your website will easily be translated into many different languages.
    website visitors can easily change website language to their preferred language in just a single click.
    Google Translator module that allows users to translate website into more than 60 languages. for that reason, website will be compatible with customers worldwide and store owner can easily target customers globally.

  3. WhatsApp Chat
    Force Login Extension Magento2

    require customers to log in to their account first so that both you and your customer can manage all shopping experiences from the start. Force Login for Magento 2 extension is here to help.

  4. WhatsApp Chat
    Banner Slider Extension Magento2

    Magento 2 banner slider extension from allows you to place attractive banners on your home, product, category, and cart pages. You can add a series of banners as sliders and customize their display and animation settings.

  5. WhatsApp Chat
    Promotion Banner Magento2

    Magento 2 Promo Banner decorates store sites with promotion and notification banners with various styles, especially slider and pop-up. Promo Banner supports to attract customers and notify them about any store updates such as sales campaigns, upcoming events and latest news effectively.

  6. Magento2 Delete Order
    Magento2 Delete Order

    For any successful order or test order that has not been deleted, the default Magento 2 only allows modifying the order status to cancel. As a result, if store owners wish to permanently delete one or more orders from the Magento database, it is complicated. This is the basic function of management behind the Magento 2 Delete Orders extension, which was developed for better operation.

  7. Magento 2 Limit Cart Quantity
    Magento 2 Limit Cart Quantity

    For the growth strategy, the Magento 2 business operator must pay particular attention to stock management. As part of inventory management, the admin sometimes needs to limit the number of orders. When the admin is required to set both the minimum and maximum quantity limits depending on client groups, Magento 2's default functionality falls short. Limitation Cart Quantity for Magento 2 by MagentoBrain allows you to set a minimum and maximum product quantity purchase limit depending on business units.

    Depending on the different types of customers, limit the number of items in the cart. Utilize the Limit Cart Quantity extension for Magento 2 to manage sales and inventory so that the maximum profit is reached!

  8. Age Verification Popup for Magento 2
    Age Verification Popup for Magento 2

    Magento 2 Age Verification extension helps e-commerce store owners to enable a step about how much the age of this customer is, before enabling the permission to view or to buy on specific store pages.


    Age verification is important if there are businesses, especially related to one that falls under a category like 18+ only, lottery, gambling, or banking. You'll need an extension to verify the minimum age that customers must be in order to see or make purchases on various store pages.


    Then the MagentoBrain addon for Magento 2 Age Verification Popup is the solution for this kind of problem during purchases. You may use this extension for ensuring the customers' age on your business website.

  9. Auto Invoice
    Auto Invoice

    Magento 2 Auto Invoice Extension is a convenient Magento payment processing module that was designed to generate an invoice automatically. After a client confirms his order the system will send the invoice automatically thus allowing website admin to avoid manual processing of payment transactions.

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