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Professional Extension Installation Service

Professional Extension Installation Service

When installed and configured properly, Magento extensions increase the functionality of the existing store.

Whether in Magento 1 or Magento 2, extension installation may be difficult and error-prone work. The smooth operation of the business might be hampered by improper extension installation. So that's why One might choose to use the assistance of specialists for extension installation to eliminate this worst-case situation.

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In order to eliminate such difficulty, MagentoBrain offers Professional Magento Extension Installation Services to make store owners' life easy and increase the user experience.

Extension Installation Service for Magento 1 or 2 by MagentoBrain

1. Extension Installation Service for Magento 1 and Magento 2

We cover any of our Magento 1 or Magento 2 extensions and website. We handle every step from the beginning to making sure there isn’t any noticeable error.

For a responsive, seamless, and error-free store, it’s necessary to use the right extensions to assure the exact installation of the extension. Installation is a crucial process as it involves the installation of some essential services and skills in the store. Misplaced codes or configurations may defect the existing store’s conversion rate and revenue in large amounts.

When you use the service, we install and test the extensions you've requested in the setting of your e-store. Within this period of time, we also make an effort to learn more about the site's basic needs and provide service, themes, extensions, payment gateway integrations, or any other type of helpful advice.

2. How does MagentoBrain's Extension Installation Service Work?

  • We send a notification to you of the receipt of your request as soon as it is received.
  • Our Support staff contacts you as soon as possible to get information about your existing Magento store where you want to install an extension.
  • Then, we assist one developer to do this work, smooth installation, and error-free report on the installation's success.

Benefits of our Extension Installation Service

1. Flawless Operation

Solve technical issues to ensure proper functioning.

2. Quick Delivery

Smooth and speedy Magento extension installation process.

3. Magento Experts

Experience of more than 10+ years in the field of Magento.

Reasons to choose MagentoBrain


Unlimited Extensions Installation

Installing any number of MagentoBrain Magento extensions at a time in one of the environments of your choice, staging/dev, or live.


Includes Configuration

We will configure every extension that we install in one order for this service.


Error-free Installation

Our experts will check for any errors in the installation process and fix them.


Post Installation Analysis

Our experts will perform a performance check of the functionality of the freshly installed extensions and give you suggestions for any scope of improvements in the store.


Certified Magento Developers

Looking for a Magento upgrade service? Get help from our professional Magento-certified developers with a 100% precision rate.


No Downtime

During the Magento upgrade, our experienced developers ensure that you experience zero downtime since we know that time is money.


100% Data Protection

Our Magento latest version upgrades are 100% protected from potential hackers. Rest assured of comprehensive data protection from our developers.


Zero Data Loss

Our experienced Magento developers have gained prowess in Magento latest version upgrade, ensuring that you do not experience data loss during the process.


  • Why MagentoBrain for professional installation?

    We have 8+ years of experience as Magento Developers who have a piece of in-depth knowledge about it.

  • How does extension installation work?

    After receiving your request, Our Support team will get in touch with you for gathering details of your Magento store where you want to install an extension.

  • How Long takes it the process?

    Our team takes the installation within 48hrs, usually 8-12hrs.

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