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Magento Theme Development From PSD

Magento Theme Development From PSD

It may be difficult to write HTML code when building a Magento theme from scratch. Secondly, a PSD file may be helpful for approving a web page design before transforming it into a perfectly Magento Theme.

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The flow of PSD to Magento 2 Theme Conversion

Step 1: Describe the Concept and Structure for the Store Website

It is recommended to start by making a list of all the requirements needed to convert PSD to Magento 2. Here, you must create an in-depth plan for the eCommerce business, which should include the logo, look, design, features, and the most effective marketing strategy.

Step 2: Properly create the PSD layout

Making the PSD designs appear attractive is the following step in the conversion process. In this situation, you can use Adobe Photoshop or other image and graphic editing software to create an eye-catching and simple design. Consider the logo, colors, text size, and other factors while creating the designs. Make an attempt at designing a design that is beautiful and relatable.

Step 3: Chopping or sectioning the PSD file

This step is required for converting PSD to Magento 2. This technique slices or separates PSD designs into numerous layers. This step results in a more simplified code in the slice file. This ensures a realistic, dynamic, and effective conversion. Extreme accuracy is necessary for this process, though, so remember to save each part as a PSD file.

Step 4: Converting PSD to CSS and HTML

Coding the PSD images in XHTML/HTML is the following step once the overall slicing portion of conversion is finished. In this situation, CSS should be used to create a unique and eye-catching look that is engaging.

Step 5: Integrate Magento with CSS and HTML

The coding files must be merged in the Magento online shop after the PSD designs have been converted to CSS and HTML. Secondly, this step is required since it is here that folders, folders, and subdirectories must be made. As a consequence of this process, you can be sure that the themes will be desirable and responsive.

Step 6: Adding Data to a Magento Theme

The data must be included in the online store after being fused with Magento 2. The information might include product photos, pricing, descriptions, and category listings.

Step 7: Inspect the online store or eCommerce website

The conversion process from PSD to Magento 2 has reached its conclusion. Here, the online store will be put to the test here. You can be sure that it will work and be functional this way. Any website must be responsive, which means that it must adjust itself properly on every mobile, PC, or portable device, as well as on every browser, much as in the world of mobile.

Why is PSD to Magento 2 Conversion Preferable?

Exclusive Website Design

There are definitely many Magento 2 templates and themes on the market. However, you must be aware of who your potential customers are as the business owner. Furthermore, the style, look, and feel of the desired website are only known to you. So, with the PSD to Magento 2 conversion, you can have an excellent Magento web store theme and design. As a result of the functionality and attractiveness of the Magento eCommerce store, you may have a large number of visitors that convert to clients.

Higher Rankings and SEO-Friendly Code

Include SEO-friendly code if you want to rank better in search engines. This is followed and coded into the Magento 2 code. It ensures that after PSD to Magento 2 conversion, the eCommerce website shop will be SEO friendly. Clean, well-organized design is a strength of Magento 2. It makes it possible for you to add plugins that improve the eCommerce website's SEO.

User-Friendly Interface

They are likely to be used by many individuals who have no technical expertise and are unfamiliar with eCommerce websites. We advise you to have intuitive navigation and user experience. You may design websites that work with common pictures thanks to our PSD to Magento 2 conversion. The navigation on websites built with Magento 2 from PSD themes is easy. Additionally, it gives you the advantage of making it simple for you to submit images, videos, and music to your Magento 2 store, which improves the usability of the website.

Highly Functional and Dynamic Interface

With the PSD to Magento 2 conversion, you can design a highly functional, fully featured, and dynamic user experience. It has the capacity to draw in as many customers as is practical, which raises the conversion rate. Although this approach requires the abilities of professional coders. Therefore, only the most effective coders are capable of creating hand-coded and clever markups.

Responsive Design Enhancements

You may optimize the website into a responsive one by converting it from PSD to Magento 2 theme. The powerful responsive default email template capability allows customers to interpret account-related emails and order confirmations from their devices. This adds support for order histories, multi-address checkout, and other features.

Optimized Speed

The PSD to Magento 2 conversion method results in a fast website. No one nowadays wants to wait more than 3 seconds for a page to load. And, if the websites do not load quickly enough, users will leave and visit another website, increasing the bounce rate. As a result, when converting PSD to Magento 2, the best speed is guaranteed. Because it divides Photoshop files into multiple design layers.

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  • Do I need to have the PSD file for theme conversion and design?

    Yes, you must have a PSD file for converting it into the Magento theme. If you don’t have any, then no worries, we will design the custom theme as per your requirements

  • Do you have any experience working with Magento?

    Yes, MagentoBrain, since its inception in 2014, has worked with the Magento platforms.

  • How much does it cost for PSD to Magento theme conversion?

    The exact cost of the service is estimated after analyzing and understanding the requirements of clients. We first gather all the requirements from our clients discuss them internally, then plan the process and give the best timeline and cost estimation.

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