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Website Audit

Website Audit

A thorough SEO audit is a quickest and most efficient way to figure out why your website isn't ranking as high as it could. We provide SEO audit services that are transparent and analyze your site’s technical, on-page, off-page SEO, and more.

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What is SEO Audit?

A website audit is a thorough evaluation of a website to determine its smooth functioning, search engine and user-friendly, full-proof security, and seamless end-user experience.

SEO Audits Factors

1. Competitor Research

Competitive research and analysis allow you to identify all current competitors, evaluate their strategies and determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your organization's product.

2. Website Structure Analysis

The structure of your website contains all of the pages on your website and how they are linked to one another via an internal link hierarchy. It’s all about how you present and organize your website so it is recognizable and readable both to the algorithm and your users.

As a result, the structure influences how search engines crawl and index your information. Meanwhile, it also influences the audience. Website perception is increasingly tied to ranking in SERPs.

3. Technical Website Audit

A Technical Website Audit is designed to discover the many programming and technical errors on your website that may be causing it to perform negatively. An SEO Audit service will audit find important technical issues like the right installation of SSL, the presence of any missing pages, and so on.

4. On-Page Optimization

On-Page SEO is the practice of optimizing website or web page content for search engines and user experience. Common On-Page SEO practices include optimizing title tags, Page content, internal links, and URLs. On-page SEO refers to efforts made directly to the page you’re trying to optimize, such as improving its content, Heading of content, or adding keywords.

5. Content Quality

The SEO company will determine the quality of your website's content. The content on your website should be unique, useful, engaging, and easy to read. The quality of your content improves both the user experience and the ranking of your website.

6. Site Speed Audit

Because consumers do not leave your website when it is fast, you gain more potential customers. Speed boosts your SEO because it is a ranking criterion used by Google. Finally, users are more likely to convert to a quick website, increasing your profits. Seconds and milliseconds cost your company money!

7. User Experience Audit

One of the most significant factors that affect your website's ranking in the SERPs is user experience. The SEO audit services will analyze the site's User behavior and User navigation experience using Google Analytics. It will also examine the bounce rate and the average time a user spends on your page.

The percentage of users that leave your website after only visiting one page rather than continuing to visit additional pages on the same website is referred to as the bounce rate. The lower the bounce rate, the higher the ranking of the website. The longer users spend on your site on average, the better your website's performance. Improved user experience leads to more conversions, which leads to increased sales and revenue.

8. Image And Video Optimization Audit

Images and videos are becoming essential components of digital marketing services. The Image and Video Optimization Audit ensures that your website is making the best use of current SEO trends.

SEO audit services analyze image size and offer comments and recommendations for image and video optimization. Images and videos should be marked and given suitable alt tags in order for search engine crawlers to discover your material. The keywords should occur numerous times in the video titles and descriptions.

9. Off-Page Optimization Audit

Off-Page is an important part of the search engine's algorithms. Off-Page Optimization Audit investigates your website's linking tactics that aid in search engine optimization.

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