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WordPress Upgrade Services

WordPress Upgrade Services

We're here to assist you with updating your WordPress blog! Our WordPress Security Experts will perform the upgrade for you. The proper way. The safe route. We will make sure that you can take advantage of all that is excellent about the CMS, including all the new functionality features that have been released, by upgrading your WordPress version.

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WordPress Upgrade Service Company

To make your website stand out, you must regularly upgrade it to the most recent version. However, upgrading your website with all security patches and all is not that simple; you must be a technological specialist in order to do it. MagentoBrain provides comprehensive WordPress Upgrade services like plugin upgrades, WordPress theme modification, plugin customization, security patch updates, and so on.

We have a team of Expert WordPress Developers who strive to give the highest-quality WordPress upgrade services in order to help you get the most out of WordPress upgrades. We've successfully upgraded a number of WordPress websites with security patches or updates over the years.

We can assist you with whatever you need to make your store successful in the digital era, whether it be feature improvements or security patches. With our WordPress update Services, you can upgrade your website to the most recent WordPress version, enabling solid security and performance while providing an exceptional user experience.

What we offer in WordPress Upgrade Services

  • First we backup your website database to our external drive.
  • Compatibility check with your WordPress plugins and themes.
  • We Check Manually for unwanted plugins and remove them.
  • Update the latest WordPress core files.
  • Database upgrade to the latest version of WordPress.
  • Manual update of your outdated WordPress plugins.
  • Manual upgrade of your current theme.
  • Manual upgrade of both WordPress default themes.
  • We test your updated site, plugins, and theme to ensure it's functioning properly.
  • A detailed report is included.

Why Do You Need WordPress Upgrade Services?

WordPress, being the most popular CMS, attracts the attention of numerous hackers and criminal users. They are always looking for security flaws in order to attack your website. WordPress developers work to release new WordPress plugins and theme updates that address security flaws and loopholes. The bulk of hacked WordPress sites lacks the most recent updates. These new updates also improve your site's efficiency and ensure that your site's coding adheres to the most coding standards.

WordPress Updates ensure the following-

  • Safe Website
  • Bug-free Website
  • Smooth Wordpress Experience
  • Speed Up WordPress

Why Choose Us?


WordPress Optimization Specialist

When it comes to loading speed, our WordPress experts know everything. We will assign you a specialist who will work with you to ensure that all of your needs are met.


Enhance UI/UX Better Conversion & Ranking

At MagentoBrain, We follow search engine guidelines to optimize UI that help users to better understand the website structure.


User-Friendly Support

Our specialists are available at all hours to take care of all your needs.


Affordable WordPress Speed Optimization

Speed up your website with our professional developers. With our service, we optimized unwanted plugins and code that helps fast load and best user experience.


Guarantee Speed Up Website

Put all of your concerns to rest and receive assured results. We've been in the business for a while and know just how to handle things when it comes to WordPress performance optimization.


Detailed Before/After Speed Report

For us, communication is key. We prepare status reports and update them regularly and discuss them during the meeting.


Clean & Structured Code

MagentoBrain developers build clean, consistent, and well-structured code that adheres to W3C standards to ensure optimal performance and error-free output across the board. Your theme's code is written to be simple to manage, customize, and understand without sacrificing speed or user experience.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

MagentoBrain's expertise and highly proficient team of developers deliver quality results, consistently. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with product quality. In event of any mistake or dissatisfaction with the final deliverable, you get your money back.

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